The service has guidelines to make the brand’s good personality memorable to the public.

We have a prudent team to set a discipline for business promotion and marketing.

In determining the effective way to keep the name of your dream business in the public mind forever, we first consider whether it has the potential to keep pace with the current era.

Based on that, We start working on the following issues in consultation with you.

What we have in this service: -

1. Determine the name of the business by checking if it is available on the web and popular web platform.

2 . Simple, minimalist, and clean logo design. symbol design.

3. Color theme determination and decide color plate.

4. Typography

5. Do or Do not

6. Business Stationery and Presentation Guideline

7. Brand style books or brand guidelines

8. Social Media Guideline.

9. A PDF file.

10. Paperbook if you demand.


Brand Guide

beReveal Team
2022-05-29 USD
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