The fastest web site loading speeds for your visitors coming from USA, Canada or Latin America

In case your resource–demanding multimedia websites are going to be made for users originating from US, Canada as well as Latin America, in that case our US datacenter can offer the perfect virtual hosting service for your requirements. The Colohouse data center is in downtown Chicago and serves a number of the most significant telecom providers in the USA. It offers total redundancy in network connectivity and power therefore it’s simply irreplaceable for hosting your demanding websites and web applications.

Using the US Based VPS Servers option is simple. Simply select the configuration you desire, selecting from a large number of VPS solutions on our site afterwards select the US datacenter on the sign up form. Our admins will create the server for you in the US datacenter without charge and will be available 24x7 to assure a 99.9% network uptime. Additionally, they will carry out every–week off–site backups of the VPS to make sure your data is kept safe twenty–four–seven.

Other US Hosting Services

We offer far more within our US datacenter in addition to Virtual Private Servers. We now have US Based Website Hosting packages plus US Based Semi-dedicated Servers providing a 99.9% network uptime guarantee. We have got US Based Dedicated Servers, which supply unrivaled hosting power and which may accommodate any sort of web site. All US hosting services can be bought with our free of cost Web Control Panel. It’s intended to help make routine hosting actions direct and uncomplicated. In addition, it is filled with many complimentary and incredibly practical tools and bonuses that can help you enhance your website.